Re: New Publication: "Oral History Informing World History" (Forum in Fall 2022 issue of World History Connected)

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We wanted to let H-OralHist subscribers know that World History Connected’s Fall 2022 issue contains a special forum, “Oral History Informing World History.”  The forum’s articles showcase new research, reflections on teaching oral history, and pedagogical suggestions for using online collections of oral history materials in college and high school classrooms.

Pdfs of the forum introduction and articles can be accessed here:

And, we’ve pasted in the forum's table of contents below.

-Tiffany Trimmer and Julie Weiskopf

co-guest editors


World History Connected 19.3 (Fall 2022) Forum: “Oral History Informing World History”

Introduction to the Forum: Oral History as a Way to Fulfill World History’s Global-Local Potential

Tiffany Trimmer and Julie Weiskopf

Contextualizing Cold War-Era Cleveland: Using Oral History Repositories to Engage High School and University Students

Naomi A. Randt and Shelley E. Rose

Teaching the Global Cold War with Korean Adoptee Histories

Elizabeth Lawrence

Sentiments of Childhood: Oral Histories and the Study of Colonial Youth Movements

Jialin Christina Wu

Proud Citizens or Enemies of the State? Transformations of Iraqi Jewish Identity Between 1920 and 1950

Simone Steadman-Gantous

Local Histories of International Development in Decolonizing Kenya: Using Oral Histories to Understand Global Connections

Kara Moskowitz

Expanding Their Frontiers: The Enriching Lives of Rural Kenyan Tea Estate Laborers in the Late-Colonial and Post-Independence Era

Muey C. Saeteurn

Experiencing the Past: Oral History as World History

Amber H. Abbas

Shifting the Means of (Knowledge) Production: Teaching Applied Oral History Methods in a Global Classroom

Marcia C. Schenck and Johanna M. Wetzel