Announcing Our Newest H-OralHist Editor: Priscilla Martinez!

Steven Sielaff Discussion

Greetings Subscribers,

I am very excited today to announce the newest member of our H-OralHist editorial team, Priscilla Martinez! Priscilla is a Ph.D. candidate in History under advisor Dr. Grace Peña Delgado, Associate Professor of History, at the University of California, Santa Cruz. She is currently in the final writing stage of her dissertation tentatively titled “By Land and by Sea: Indigeneity, Mestizaje, and Nationalism at the Western-Pacific Borderlands from 1824-1934.” Priscilla advanced to candidacy with distinction and holds an emphasis in Latin American and Latino Studies. She received her Bachelor’s degree in History and her Master’s in American Studies from Baylor University in 2011 and 2013, respectively, where she also trained and worked in oral history as a processing technician, transcriptionist, and graduate assistant at Baylor University’s Institute for Oral History (BUIOH) beginning in 2010. Priscilla has worked as an oral history researcher for the NEH and has numerous interviews co-deposited at the Southern Oral History Program at UNC-Chapel Hill and BUIOH, and is the current Scholar-in-Residence at the Tuscon Chinese Cultural Center.

Priscilla will oversee the list until the end of 2022, then will join a three-month yearly rotation in 2023 with our three other list editors Michelle Holland, Juliana Nykolaiszyn, and Chris Petersen. 

Welcome Priscilla, and thank you to all of our editors who volunteer their time to moderate H-OralHist!

Steven Sielaff
Managing Editor - H-OralHist