New book "The Power of Podcasting" critiques podcasting as a new medium

Siobhan McHugh Discussion

Hello podcast colleagues! 

I've written a book, The Power of Podcasting: Telling Stories through Sound, that is a critique of podcasting as a new medium, a creative confessional that reveals the collaborative art behind the making of award-winning narrative podcasts I worked on, and a reference work that situates podcasting in the context of radio and audio, but with discernibly different characteristics. 

The US and international edition is published by Columbia University Press in October 2022 and can be ordered here:

(I think code CUP20 gets you 20% off.)

The Australian edition came out earlier this year and there is a free sample chapter here:

As background: I'm an internationally recognised podcast producer, critic, researcher, consultant, and author, now honorary Associate Professor of Journalism at University of Wollongong, Australia. I am founding editor (2014) of RadioDoc Review, a collaboration between industry and the academy and the first journal to develop critical analysis of narrative podcasts and crafted audio documentaries and features. Narrative/journalism podcasts I've worked on have won seven gold awards at New York Festivals. The latest, The Greatest Menace, investigates a "gay prison" experiment and has been dubbed "Australia’s S-Town." I've published on podcasting in scholarly journals, academic blogs, and public outlets such as The Conversation and Harvard University’s Nieman Storyboard.

I'd love to come to the US and do podcasting seminars and masterclasses around October, so if you have any visiting professor options, please get in touch! I'm on

Warm regards,
Siobhan McHugh