Oral Histories from Indigenous Peoples in South America - New Resource

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Beyond the Rainforest is a brand-new resource that provides access to an exclusive collection of oral histories, teachings, and testimonies from the Indigenous Kaingang people of South America. This resource is the first of its kind for the Kaingang people, providing scholars, educators, and activists in the Global North with access to sources and perspectives about a culture and society that is almost completely unknown on the world stage. This resource is free to use and will evolve continually over time as we add new interviews and testimonies that reflect our ongoing collaboration with these people.

We hope that this resource will provide you, your networks, and your students with access to issues related to:

  • The impact of rainforest destruction on Indigenous peoples.
  • The complex cosmology and societal structure of the Kaingang.
  • The history of this people and related groups across South America.
  • Material to use in your teaching and your research.

You can visit the site here. I am always happy to discuss this project also. http://kaingangoralhistory.darrenreidhistory.co.uk/