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ANN: Vermont Folklife Center Cultural Sustainability Workshops Discussion Andy Kolovos 04/09/2014 - 2:20pm
Announcement of new online Oral History collection: Rosenwald Schools of South Carolina Discussion Andrea L'Hommedieu 02/08/2015 - 11:10am
Announcement: New Books in Jewish Studies Podcast - Recent Interviews Discussion Robin Buller 03/05/2018 - 11:34am
Announcing 2014-2015 OHMA Workshop Series: Oral History, Medicine, and Health Discussion Amy Starecheski 09/04/2014 - 2:14pm
Announcing, a new oral history learning tool Discussion Elise Chenier 11/05/2015 - 1:20pm
Announcing Journal of West African History Volume III Issue I Discussion Tara Reyelts 03/28/2017 - 11:11am
Announcing Our Newest H-OralHist Editor: Priscilla Martinez! Discussion Steven Sielaff 10/17/2022 - 11:05am
Announcing Queens Memory Project's new podcast, "Our Major Minor Voices" Discussion Meral Agish 05/03/2022 - 9:48am
Announcing the 2017 Jeffrey H. Brodsky Oral History Award Winner Discussion Amy Starecheski 09/12/2017 - 1:55pm
Announcing the 2017 Summer Institute in Oral History Discussion Amy Starecheski 10/10/2016 - 12:11am
Announcing the Future Voices Fellowship Program - Columbia University Oral History MA Discussion Amy Starecheski 10/02/2016 - 12:24pm
Announcing the new Resources tab Discussion Jesse Draper - Associate Director, Networks 12/14/2015 - 10:37am
Announcing the Second Edition of the Journal of West African History Discussion Tara Reyelts 11/28/2015 - 5:58pm
Announcing The Spring Workshop Series Discussion Amy Starecheski 01/06/2020 - 2:41pm
Announcing the Texas Oral History Locator Database (TOLD)! Discussion Steven Sielaff 05/09/2022 - 10:05am
Announcing Three OHMS Webinars Discussion Doug Boyd 10/12/2020 - 5:40pm
Announcing Turner Family Stories: From Enslavement in Virginia to Freedom in Vermont Discussion Andy Kolovos 10/01/2021 - 10:12am
Announcing VT Untapped, the podcast of the Vermont Folklife Center Discussion Andy Kolovos 12/27/2018 - 11:14am
Annual Conference of the Canadian Society for Italian Studies (CSIS), May 11-13, 2018, The University of Ottawa Discussion Maria Laura Mosco 01/01/2018 - 12:01pm
Anonymity to protect criminals Discussion Madeleine Hall-Arber 06/21/2018 - 11:02am
Anti-Oppression and Decolonial Oral History | OHMA Spring 2022 Bilingual Workshop Series Discussion Amy Starecheski 01/28/2022 - 6:52pm
Any recommendations for a "pay for service" contract? Discussion McKenna Stayner 06/01/2015 - 2:18pm
Anyone like any transcription software? Discussion Terilee Edwards-Hewitt 11/14/2016 - 6:52pm
Appeal from International Oral Historians - via Pablo Pozzi and Sherna Berger Gluck Discussion Sherna Berger Gluck 04/18/2016 - 12:04pm
Application Window Extended for 2014 Oral History Institute by Ohio Humanities Council Discussion Michelle Holland 05/12/2014 - 9:02am