Re: Image permissions contact for Russian Museum

Dear Margaret and other Shera colleagues,
We'd be glad to try to add image contacts to our extensive museum [and related] coverage in ArcheoBiblioBase, -- now available at
if you and other Shera specialists would supply a list and help us keep the contacts up to date.

Re: H-SHERA is recruiting

Dear All:

A quick reminder that we are still recruiting volunteers to help develop shared resources for H-SHERA. Your involvement can be small or large, a short-term project or a more regular contribution to the network. You do not have to be a dues-paying member of SHERA to contribute to the H-SHERA network, just have an interest in helping create shared resources for researchers and teachers of Russian, East European, and Eurasian art and architecture. Some of the projects we had in mind include, but are not limited to: 

Image permissions contact for Russian Museum

Dear all,

I'm trying to secure permission for an image in the collection of the Russian Museum. I've written twice now to Vera Kessenich and gotten no response. Does anyone know if the contact for image permissions has changed? Or if there is someone else I could try? Any leads or advice are very welcome.

Thank you!



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