Photography and Image Permissions Contacts

This list is maintained by H-SHERA editors for the benefit of fellow scholars of Russian, East European, and Eurasian art and architectural history. New entries or updates to existing entries are very much appreciated--please email --Ed.


Slavonic Library, National Library of Finland
Address formal request to: Irina Lukka (Librarian)
Email: irina.lukka [at] helsinki [dot] fi
Last contacted: 2017


Музей-заповедник "Абрамцево"
Address formal request to: Galina Kochinova
Email: info [at] abramtsevo [dot] net
Last contacted: 2017

Institut Russkoi literatury (aka Pushkinskii Dom), St. Petersburg
Address formal request to: Valentin Vadimovich Golovin (Direktor)
Image Contact: Valentin Vadimovich Golovin
Email: irliran [at] mail [dot] ru
Last contacted: Fall 2018

Library of the Russian Academy of Sciences (Biblioteka Rossiiskoi akademii nauk, BAN), St. Petersburg

Museum-apartment of Isaak Brodsky, St Petersburg
Musei-kvartira Isaaka Brodskogo
Image Contact: Maria Bondarewa
Email: maria.bondarewa [at] yandex [dot] ru
Alternative method: Facebook page of the Russian Academy of Fine Arts Museum
Last contacted: May 2018

Perm’ State Art Gallery, Perm’
Permskaia Gosudarstvennaia khudozhestvennaia galereia
Address formal request to: Iuliia Borisovna Tavrizian (Direktor)
Image Contact: Iuliia Borisovna Tavrizian
Email: director [at] permartmuseum [dot] ru
Last contacted: October 2015

RIA Novosti / Sputnik Images
Last contacted: August 2019

RAO - Russian Authors' Society
All-Russian Non-Governmental Organization "Russian Authors' Society" (RAO) is a non-governmental not-for-profit organization established by the authors and other rightholders for the management of their rights on a collective basis.

Russian State Archive of Literature and Art (RGALI)
Address formal request to: Маргарита Юрина, специалист по исполнению запросов
Email: zapros [dot] rgali [at] yandex [dot] ru
Last contacted: 2017

Russian National Library, St. Petersburg

State Hermitage Museum, St. Petersburg
Gosudarstvennyi Ermitazh
Address formal request to: (they send a form—no formal request letter needed)
Image Contact: Zhanna Etsina
Email: etsina [at] hermitage [dot] ru
Last contacted: Fall 2018

The State Historical Museum, Moscow
Address formal request to: Eteri Tsuladze (Head of the Department on foreign relations)
The State Historical Museum
Red Square 1
Moscow 109012, Russia
Tel/Fax: +7 (495) 692 24 32
Last contacted: 2017

State Pushkin Museum
Pushkinskii Muzei
Address formal request to: Марина Лошак (Директор Государственного музея изобразительных искусств имени А.С. Пушкина)
Last contacted: 2017

State Russian Museum, St. Petersburg
Gosudarstvennyi Russkii Muzei
Address formal request to: Evgeniia Nikolaevna Petrova (Zamestitel’ Direktora po nauchnoi raboty)
Image Contact: Vera Kessenich
Email: kessenix [at] gmail [dot] com
Last contacted: September 2018

State Tretiakov Gallery, Moscow
Gosudarstvennaia Tretiakovskaia galereia
Address formal request to: Трегуловой Зельфире Исмаиловне (Генеральному Директору Государственной Третьяковской Галере)
Image Contact: Marina Vasiljevna Ivanova
Email: IvanovaMV [at] tretyakov [dot] ru
Last contacted: October 2018


Image Contact: Васильева Оксана Юрьевна
Email: VasilevaOI [at] tretyakov [dot] ru
Last contacted: October 2018

УПРАВИС – это профессиональная организация по коллективному управлению исключительными правами фотографов, художников, скульпторов, и других авторов произведений изобразительного искусства, а также имеющая государственную аккредитацию в сфере управления и защиты авторского права при реализации права следования.
Rights depend on the location of publication, so you may need to consult the artists' rights organization of the country of publication.


Kyiv National Museum of Russian Art
Київський національний музей російського мистецтва/Киевский национальный музей русского искусства
Image Contact: Marina Vasiljevna Ivanova
Email: museumru [at] ukr [dot] net 
Museum website
Last contacted: Fall 2018

Odessa Art Museum, Odessa
Odesskii khudozhestvennyi muzei
Image Contact: Gera Grudev
Email:  Ggegay [at] gmail [dot] com
Alternative method: Museum's Facebook page
Last contacted: May 2018

St. Cyril Church at the St. Sophia Cathedral, Kiev
01001, Украина, Киев, ул. Владимирская, 24, Национальный заповедник "София Киевская"
Address formal request to: Вячеслав Корниенко, доктор исторических наук, заместитель генерального директора по научной работе
Email: aqwila [at] ukr [dot] net
Last contacted: 2017

United States:

Blavatnik Archive Foundation
The BAF specializes in Soviet, Jewish, and world history with a special emphasis on WWI, WWII and the interwar period. Our materials, spanning across a plethora of collections, comprise 113,000 individual assets. Mostly paper ephemera, materials include: postcards, posters, lithographs, Russian empire and Soviet era periodicals, photographs, as well as letters, diaries, and video testimonies. The latter are testimonies by Jewish veterans who fought in the Soviet Armed forces during WWII. While many assets are still in the cataloging process, over 10,000 individual assets are available online. The website was specifically designed with scholars in mind, and creating an account allows users create private folders with specific materials, deep zoom, comparison and annotation of images from our and other repositories, and, search across every possible metadata set. All of BAF’s materials are completely free of charge.
Address: 1633 Broadway, 4th Fl, New York, NY 10019
Telephone: 212.275.4600
Address queries or formal request to: Olga Golovanova (Archive & Exhibition Coordinator)
Email: info [at] blavatnikarchive [dot] org

Getty Research Institute, Los Angeles, CA
The Getty makes available, without charge, all available digital images to which the Getty holds the rights or that are in the public domain to be used for any purpose. No permission is required.
Request forms for images not available online are located at: Reproductions and Permissions
If unable to submit the online request form, mail or fax completed request form to:
The Getty Research Institute
Research Library
Library Services
1200 Getty Center Drive,
Suite 1100
Los Angeles, CA 90049
Phone: 310-440-7390
Fax: 310-440-7780
Email: Reference [at] getty [dot] edu
Last updated: Fall 2019

Zimmerli Art Museum at Rutgers University, New Brunswick, NJ
Image Contact: Kiki Michael, Assistant Registrar
Email: photography [at] zimmerli [dot] rutgers [dot] edu
More details: Image Policies
Last contacted: May 2018