How to post to H-SHERA (click here for instructions)

Anyone can browse the content on H-SHERA, but in order to post, users must have an account on the H-Net Commons and be subscribed to the H-SHERA network.

1. Log into the H-Net Commons.

2. Navigate over to H-SHERA and click the orange Start a Discussion button.

3. Create your post, add keywords, preview, and submit.

4. The network editor will then moderate your post and it will be sent out to all subscribers, as well as archived on H-SHERA.

5. You can always find your posts under one or more of the feeds on the H-SHERA front page and in the All Content feed in the side menu.

If you do not have an H-Net account, you can create one here, then navigate over to H-SHERA and click Subscribe to this network at the bottom of the right-hand menu. A network editor will approve your subscription and you will be able to post and begin to receive H-SHERA posts in your email.