PODCAST: Andrei Cușco: Bessarabia, a Contested Borderland and its Peoples

Olena Palko Discussion

In this episode, Andrei Cușco, researcher at the “A.D. Xenopol” Institute of History in Iași, Romania, talks to Anca Filipovici at Romanian Institute for Research on National Minorities, talks to Anca Filipovici at the Romanian Institute for Research on National Minorities, about the history of Bessarabia and its various minority communities, from the 19th century to the dissolution of the Russian Empire, and during the interwar period. Andrei analyzes this region from the perspective of a “contested borderland” the status of which was disputed by both an imperial Russian and Romanian nationalist narrative. In this context, he demonstrates how ethnicity was affected by the consequences of post-imperial transition while revealing the continuities and discontinuities between rival imperial and national regimes, especially in regard to ethnic communities and interethnic relations.  

"Eastern Europe's Minorities in a Century of Change", a podcast series on the history of minorities and minority experiences in twentieth-century Central and Eastern Europe prepared by the BASEES Study Group for Minority History to mark the Institute for Historical Research’s centenary.