Lecture recording - Dr Magaret Samu - A Russian Masterpiece in Paris: Karl Briullov’s Last Day of Pompeii at the 1834 Salon

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Youtube recording -  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7nnruNEIUtE&ab_channel=RussianHistoryMuseum

In 1834, Karl Briullov’s masterpiece became the first work of Russian art to attract international attention. The dramatic subject, painted on an immense scale, earned enthusiastic reviews in Rome and Milan, and a first-class medal at the Paris Salon. Its European success made it the most famous Russian painting of the period, inspiring other artists and even literary works. Why then, despite its official recognition, was its reception in the French press largely (though not entirely) negative? Join Dr. Margaret Samu in using never before seen archival documents to examine what exactly happened when the painting arrived in Paris, and why this episode has not been well understood until now.


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