Decolonizing the Russian & Soviet Art History Survey - Followup to ASEEES Roundtable

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Dear fellow SHERA members,

I wanted to briefly report back from last week's ASEEES roundtable on "Decolonizing the Russian and Soviet Art History Survey." Since the discussion was cut off at the end, I wanted to point you to some of the resources that were shared and invite those who wish to circulate their materials or suggest further initiatives to please feel free to do so here!

The H-SHERA Syllabus Bank is linked in the right-side menu on the network front page. If you have a syllabus you'd like to contribute, please make sure you include the following copyright statement: "© Year, Your Name. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial 3.0 United States License" and email it to

The idea of a reader came up during the discussion. This was something we discussed in the Facebook group some time ago and actually started working on a crowdsourced Google Doc of readings, films, and digital projects suitable for the undergraduate classroom here: To add to the list, I believe you just need to request permission to edit. If anyone or a group of anyones would like to take over editorial duties of this document and eventually turn it into a reader, please get in touch!

Finally, I wanted to share the results of the questionnaire that was circulated in advance of the roundtable, which I shared during my portion of the presentation. I can also send the more detailed results to anyone interested.

Thanks to my co-panelists, Maria Taroutina, Maria Mileeva, and Jane Sharp for very rich and thought-provoking presentations. I hope we as a society will continue to share resources and ideas for transforming our teaching to be more inclusive and more critical of the received orthodoxies of our field that do not serve our students or us. Please feel free to use this space to weigh in (please keep things civil). Any resources shared to H-SHERA will remain freely accessible and archived here in perpetuity.

All the best,

Yelena Kalinsky
Michigan State University / H-SHERA editor