Upcoming book: Anja Foerschner, Female Art and Agency in Belgrade since 1971, Bloomsbury – I.B. Tauris (expected 2022)

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This project examines female agency in the arts of former Yugoslavia and its successor states with a particular focus on the city of Belgrade as the region’s former center for artistic production. Using the founding of one of the most influential alternative art venues, the Student Cultural Center, in 1971 as a starting point, the project highlights female artists, curators, and scholars and their influence on the national and international art scene. It investigates the emergence of feminist theory in the 70s and its confluence with the arts before tracing the development of women’s art and initiatives through the politically charged years of the 1980s and the 90s. Subsequently, it charts positions in the 2000s as Belgrade struggles with a changed political landscape in the wake of the wars and seeks to re-establish itself in the contemporary art discourse. The project identifies key female voices of the past and presents and analyzes them as agents of the artistic fabric.