ASEEES 2021 Convention - Call for Presenters, Chair, and Discussant for Soviet Photography Panel Proposal

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Dear Colleagues,

I would like to organize a panel proposal for the ASEEES 2021 annual convention and I am seeking interested collaborators to join me. More information is below:

Call for Presenters, Chair, and Discussant(s)

Panel Topic: Soviet Photography Clubs, Organizations, Collectives, Societies, Networks, Associations, and Brigades, 1920s-1980s

Panel Proposal/Abstract: This panel will focus on amateur and professional photography alliances and the culture of photography clubs in the Soviet Union between the 1920s-1980s to investigate how collaborative practices have shaped the history and development of the medium, to go along with the convention’s theme “Diversity, Intersectionality, and Interdisciplinarity.” This includes photography clubs, organizations, collectives, societies, networks, associations, and brigades, and similar groups. Examples might be the October Group; ROPF; special-interest collectives; professional unions; photo clubs in large and small cities such as Moscow, Leningrad, and Riga; workers’ clubs; and the like.

Relevant topics include individuals who were part of these groups and their relationship to the group, or the history of such groups as a whole. The exact topic of the panel and the panel title will be updated once the panel has been formed to reflect the research interests of participants and the proposed topics of the panelists. 

If you are interested in joining this panel proposal, please contact me off-list by February 15th, or sooner if possible, at and state whether you would like to participate as chair, discussant, or presenter. Please include a title and short abstract for your presentation (if interested in presenting), or your CV/relevant publications (if interested in chairing or being a discussant). If you have suggestions for a title or abstract for this panel, please include this information with your email. 

All information about the ASEEES 2021 convention can be found here:


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