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Dear all,

I'm trying to secure permission for an image in the collection of the Russian Museum. I've written twice now to Vera Kessenich and gotten no response. Does anyone know if the contact for image permissions has changed? Or if there is someone else I could try? Any leads or advice are very welcome.

Thank you!


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Hi Katia,
I have a response from Vera ( in February this year. Unfortunately, currently Russian museums do not respond to image request emails (personal experience). Except for the Kremlin Museums: they returned last week. 
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Thanks, Agnes. (And hello!) That's what I feared. Appreciate your help!
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Dear Nic,

Thank you for sharing this contact. When was the last time you used it to obtain images? Is it a recent contact? If so, then we should add it to our list of contacts for image reproductions and permissions.


Dear Margaret and other Shera colleagues,
We'd be glad to try to add image contacts to our extensive museum [and related] coverage in ArcheoBiblioBase, -- now available at
if you and other Shera specialists would supply a list and help us keep the contacts up to date.

Dear Dr. Grimstead (and all),

SHERA maintains a list of image permission contacts, started by Margaret Samu some time ago and regularly updated by the H-SHERA editors.

It can be found under our H-SHERA Resources menu (here:, or found directly (here: You are very welcome to repost or link to it on East View.

NB: If any subscribers have recently obtained permission to reproduce images from institutions that may be of interest to the group, please post them to this thread or email them to us directly. The H-SHERA editorial email is


Yelena Kalinsky,

H-SHERA editor