Introducing 19v: A Working Group on 19th-Century Russian Culture

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Attention, friends and colleagues!

We’re pleased to announce the organization of 19v, an informal working group devoted to culture, literature, and the arts in Russia during the nineteenth century. The administrative base for our international, interdisciplinary group is at New York University's Jordan Center for the Advanced Study of Russia, which is hosting an Introductory Online Event and an Occasional Series of blog posts devoted to the period. Our primary aims are to draw attention to scholarly work on nineteenth-century Russian culture and to encourage intellectual exchange. We welcome your participation!

We hope you will join us on JUNE 3, 12:00-2:00 pm Eastern Daylight Time in the U.S. for an Online Event explaining the 19v initiative (please register in advance to receive the meeting link). To illustrate how we hope to encourage collaboration while also supporting individual scholars, a few members of the group will talk about their current projects and how they intersect with 19v. We will also be announcing some of the activities we have already scheduled for the coming year: blog posts, lecture series, and reading groups, all open to anyone interested in participating. Finally, we will conclude with a brainstorming/question-and-answer session during which everyone will be invited to suggest avenues for further collaboration.

When you register for the meeting, you will also receive information on how to add your name to the 19v collective.
Hope to see you all soon!
Margaret Samu (on behalf of the collective)