Culture as Matter

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Dear Colleagues, 

We have put together a SHERA-Sponsored panel on the Soviet material turn. Please join us for a lively discussion on Soviet objects, materials and matter from the Stalinist to the post-Soviet period. 

Where and when: Sun, November 24, 8:00 to 9:45am, San Francisco Marriott Marquis, Floor: LB2, Salon 5

Panel description: 

This panel will explore a diverse range of applications of the recent “material turn” in Soviet cultural studies. Drawing on the Marxist belief that the relationship between materials and people is key to producing new subjects and a new society, Soviet experiments in cultural production and design often defy traditional discursive and symbolic frameworks of interpretation. The papers in this panel promise to: reveal how the material medium can constrain, extend, or modify meaning between various artistic genres, between art and design and between production and consumption; point to functions parallel to the ideological “message” that Soviet design and artistic production was supposed to convey; and serve as entry point for analyzing the economic and practical dimensions of Soviet visual culture.


Best wishes, 

The panel presenters and organizers