International Conference 'The Vitebsk People's Art School', Vitebsk, 9-10 April

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The Parkes Institute for the Study of Jewish/Non-Jewish Relations(University of Southampton) and the Vitebsk State University named after P. M. Masherov are happy to communicate the programme of the international conference that will take place next week in Vitebsk, hosted by the Marc Chagall Museum and the Vitebsk Museum of Modern Art, to commemorate the centenary of the opening of the Vitebsk people's art school.

The event is supported by the Centre d’études franco-russe (CEFR, Moscow), Parkes Institute and History department at the University of Southampton, French Embassy in Belarus, British Embassy in Belarus, German Embassy in Belarus, US embassy in Belarus and Vitebsk Jewish Community.

This international conference aims to revisit the role of Vitebsk as a center of radical cultural experiment through the analysis of the activity and legacy of the People’s art school, and to explore the diverse facets of this extraordinary episode that is significant to understand East European urban history, the history of the Russian avant-garde, and more specifically the Jewish urban experience, and the emergence of a new Soviet culture in BSSR.

You will find the programme and a description of the event here:


Claire Le Foll