Stalin's study with portrait of Lenin reading the Pravda

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Dear colleagues,

Could someone please tell me where I could find a good definition photograph of Stalin's study in the Kremlin with the famous portrait of Lenin reading the Pravda hanging behind his desk?  I have written to Moscow's Museum of Soviet History, but have had no reply.

In the website of the Stalin Society of North America I have found a photograph depicting a display of documents, including a portrait of Stalin in his study. See:  

Can anyone identify the picture (name of artist, date)? Or tell me where is this display? 

Many thanks!

Luciano Cheles, Professor

Université de Grenoble-Alpes






Dear Luciano,

It seems that the picture you shared is from the Joseph Stalin Museum in Gori:

The particular canvas is not listed on the museum's website and I don't know the artist, but the museum workers are reputedly responsive and speak Russian fluently.

(Hat tip to Doug Priest and Angelina Lucento for the info.)


All best,

Yelena Kalinsky
H-SHERA editor