How to post to H-SHERA

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Dear SHERAns,

You may be wondering what this new H-SHERA platform is and how you can post a message to share with the group.

H-SHERA is both a communication platform (like a listserv) and a permanent public archive of our communications and resources (like a website) where you can find important messages from SHERA and communicate with the whole group.

To post a message to the list:

  1. Head over to H-Net ( and log in.
  2. Click on My Networks and chose H-SHERA. (Bookmark our page: and if you've logged in previously, you'll stay logged in for next time.)
  3. To make a post announcing your event, asking a research query, or sharing anything else with the list, click the orange Start a Discussion button in the center of the page.
  4. Enter your message, give it a keyword or two to make it searchable, click Preview and Submit. The post will be moderated and filtered into the appropriate place on the front page, as well as emailed to all of our subscribers.

To reply to someone else's post:

  1. Again, be sure you are logged in to H-Net.
  2. Either click the Reply button at the bottom of the email OR head over to the H-SHERA page ( and find the message in the Recent Content feed. (Older posts can be found under the All Content link on the right-hand menu.)
  3. Use the Reply box below the post to submit, and it will be moderated and emailed to the full list.

Email notifications:

When we migrated from listserv, everyone's email notifications were automatically set to Daily Digest. If you would like to receive H-SHERA notification individually as they are posted, log in to H-Net (, and click My Profile > Notifications in the top right. There, you can change the frequency of emails you receive. (Be sure to click Save at the bottom of the page.)

Logging in:

If you've never logged into H-Net, you'll want to request a password. Head over to this page and enter your email to request a new password. Follow the instructions in the message.

If you have any trouble logging in, please email me at or call the H-Net office at 517-353-5223 during business hours, and we'll help.

All the best,


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