CFP: The Passion for Collecting: Collectors and Their Collections in 1800-1917 (ASEEES, Boston, 2018)

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Dear SHERAns, 

I would like to organize a panel for upcoming ASEEES, Boston 2018. See the description and contact information below.

CFP: The Passion for Collecting: Collectors and Their Collections in 1800-1917 (working title)

The panel is aimed to bring together scholars and museum curators who study the history of collecting and material culture in imperial Russia in the nineteenth and early twentieth  centuries, including the collecting practices in provincial towns and villages, located in today Russia, Belarus, Ukraine, Poland, etc. The panel welcomes papers that address private collections and focus on, but are not limited to, the following themes:

Collecting as a social practice:

  • collecting as noble pastime and hobby;
  • collecting for educational purposes and research;
  • collecting as preserving the heritage;
  • collectors and their personalities and lives;

Collections at display:

  • publishing the catalogues and albums with photographs and descriptions;
  • exhibiting at the World Fairs;
  • the history of great private collections after the Revolution of 1917;

Types of collections and collecting practices:

  • art collections;
  • collections of popular prints (lubki), engravings and different types of ephemera such as posters, restaurant menus, postcards, magazines, commercial packaging, etc.;
  • collections of photographs;
  • collections of folk art and antiquities;
  • collections of dress and textiles;
  • collections of books and periodicals;
  • herbariums;
  • ethnographic collections;
  • archeological and paleontological collections;
  • collections of minerals, scientific tools and mechanisms;
  • collections of curiosities;
  • collections of maps; 
  • collections of children’s toys and books;
  • collections of porcelain, tableware and pottery;
  • numismatic collections;  

The papers that trace the history of collecting examined in the socio-cultural context as well as devoted to exhibiting and promoting the collections in different ways are especially welcome.


Hanna Chuchvaha, PhD

Independent scholar