To attend online: "The Cast of Piety: Medieval and Post-Medieval Metalwork on Mount Athos (10th--16th c.)"

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Online Conference: "The Cast of Piety: Medieval and Post-Medieval Metalwork on Mount Athos (10th--16th c.)"

Conveners: Paschalis Androudis, Dimitris Liakos

Program: Eastern European Standard Time (GMT+2)

Friday 2 December 2022

Welcoming Remarks

17:00 Paschalis Androudis 

17:05 Dimitris Liakos


17:10 Antje Bosselmann-Ruickbie 

Art Without a Home? Metalwork of the Middle Ages in the Mediterranean and Beyond

17:40 Discussion

1st Session 

Chair: Ioannis Varalis

18:00 Michael Grünbart

Solid Reduplication: Byzantine Metal Stamps - Their Making and Function

18:20 Manuel Castiñeiras

The Diptych of the Despots of Epiros at the Cathedral of Cuenca: Opus Venetum and Byzantine Workshops in the 14th-Century Art

18:40 Paschalis Androudis

Islamic and Latin Metal Artifacts in the Monasteries of Mt Athos (11th-16th centuries). An Overview

19:00 Dimitris Liakos

Metal Precious Objects on Mount Athos (10th-14th c.)

19:20 Alice Isabella Sullivan

Moldavian Metalwork in the Treasuries of Mount Athos

19:40 Discussion 

Saturday 3 December 2022

2nd Session

Chair: Paschalis Androudis

09:00 Anna Ballian

Early Islamic Bird-shaped Figurines in the Mediterranean: The Case of the Sinai and Great Lavra Cockerels

09:20 Paschalis Androudis, Nikolaos Vryzidis 

Reflections on Water: The Great Lavra Strovilion

09:40 Constantine Dolmas

Between East and West: The Case of the Pointed Three-fold Reliquary-Encolpion of Gold in the Monastery of Xeropotamou

10:00 Ioannis Varalis 

A Byzantine Ivory and Its Filigree Case at the Koutloumousiou Monastery, Mount Athos

10:20 Jasmina Ćirić

The Bronze Choros of the Katholikon of the Monastery of Saint Paul

10:40 Nina Chichinadze

Precious Donations to Iveron Monastery: 10th-16th-Century Repoussé Works from its Monastic Treasury

11:00 Discussion

11:30 Break

3rd Session

Chair: Dimitris Liakos

11:40 Christodoulos Chatzichristodoulou

Metalwork in Cyprus during the Frankish Rule (1192-1489)

12:00 Dimitris Liakos, Nikolaos Mastrochristos

Metal Icon Revetments and Crosses of the Hospitaller Period from Rhodes

12:20 Christos Stavrakos

Metals and Descriptions of Metals on the Inscriptions of Byzantine Seals

12:40 Nikolaos Toutos

Unknown Donation of the Voivode Stephen the Great to an Athonite Monastery (1498)

13:00 Discussion

13:30 Concluding Remarks

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