SHERA Emerging Scholar Award for 2022

Ekaterina Heath's picture

The recipient of the SHERA Emerging Scholar Award for 2022 is Dr. Abigail Karas for her article “Mansardization: Attic Space, Urban Development and the Politics of Preservation in St. Petersburg,” which appeared in the January 2022 issue of Slavonic and East European Review.


“Dr. Karas’s article is a fully developed, masterfully examined, and beautifully written study of the history of the mansard in St. Petersburg/Leningrad. Its originality lies both in its methodological scope—the interweaving of different registers of sources, of approaches to analysis (from close readings of literature and memoirs to social historical data)—and in its historical range, which turns to the contemporary social and aesthetic spheres. The author takes us through the complex and often contradictory resonances and uses of the mansard, and the consequences for urban planning, political engagement, and lived experience.”