Ukrainian Art and the Current War.

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I am at an early planning stage of a project that will deal with the current war in Ukraine. I seek to contact scholars, critics, gallerists, and artists whose work reflects upon the role of the visual arts during the current conflict in the region. The goal is the publication of a special issue of an online peer-review journal that will include interviews conducted by me and articles by other academics and artists (CFP is forthcoming).

I will travel to both western and central Europe (particularly Poland and the Czech Republic) next year where I hope to meet and interview both artists in exile and curators or gallerists who have organized exhibitions dealing with the war. I may even consider visiting Ukraine, if, perhaps optimistically, the war is over by then.

Any contacts and advice would be very much appreciated.

Andrew M. Nedd, Ph. D.
Art History
Savannah College of Art and Design
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Keywords: War, Ukraine, Russia, Art