From SHERA-SAH Liaison: Highlights from Society of Architectural Historians Newsletter, December 2017 Volume LXI, No. 12

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New for the SAH 2018 Saint Paul Conference
The Society of Architectural Historians will host its 71st Annual International Conference in Saint Paul, MN, April 18–22, 2018. Below we’ve highlighted important dates and changes so you know what to expect. Read More

SAH in Paris: Glass, Light & Structure
SAH is pleased to present a two-day fundraiser offering special access to iconic landmarks from the 19th to 21st centuries in Paris and the region. Enjoy 48 hours touring in and around Paris, Lille, and Lens with SAH Past President Barry Bergdoll, the Meyer Schapiro Professor of Art History and Archaeology at Columbia University, and former Philip Johnson Chief Curator of Architecture and Design at the Museum of Modern Art. Read More

SAH Letter to Opposing Closure of AA Publications
At its annual fall meeting on November 18, 2017, the SAH Board of Directors voted unanimously to support the continuation of the Architectural Association's Publications Department following the AA's cost-cutting plans to make its entire publication and exhibitions departments redundant. Read More

Joint Statement Opposing US Proposal to Tax Tuition Waivers
SAH, along with more than 30 other learned societies, issued a joint statement in opposition to the proposal to tax graduate school tuition waivers as income, a provision included in the tax reform bill recently passed by the U.S. House of Representatives. Read More

Letters from the SAH Heritage Conservation Committee
Recent letters produced by the SAH Heritage Conservation Committee are available on the SAH website. In November, the Committee sent letters supporting the retention of the Federal Historic Preservation Tax Incentive Program, supporting the Landmark designation of Johnson and Burgee's AT&T Building, and opposing the proposed U.S. withdrawal from UNESCO. Read More

SAH Makes Four New Architectural Field Trip Grants Read More

SAHARA Highlights: Danielle Willkens
This month we recognize Danielle Willkens, the 2015 recipient of the H. Allen Brooks Travelling Fellowship, which gives young scholars the opportunity to travel anywhere in the world to help broaden their perspective on the built environment.  Read More

SAH Archipedia Highlighted at National Humanities Conference
A special panel at the 2017 National Humanities Conference in Boston brought together the executive directors of four ACLS member societies to discuss their associations' efforts to increase public engagement with humanities research. Pauline Saliga highlighted SAH Archipedia, a growing, interactive digital encyclopedia produced by the Society of Architectural Historians that catalogues the built world with histories, photographs, and maps. Read More

SAH Chapter and Partner News
Society of Historians of Eastern European, Eurasian, and Russian Art and Architecture (SHERA) awarded first Annual SHERA Emerging Scholar Prize to Prof. Christina E. Crawford of Emory University for her essay “From Tractors to Territory: Socialist Urbanization through Standardization” published during preceding year in Journal of Urban History. Crawford details the importation of a Fordist model of industrial standardization and illuminates the importance of adaptability within standardized design practices that fueled the tempo of urbanization.

Current SAH Opportunities andSAH Career Center
SAH/GAHTC Grants: In partnership with GAHTC, SAH is offering Research-to-Teaching Grants and Field Seminar Travel Grants. Submissions are accepted on a rolling basis.
SAH 2019 Call for Sessions: SAH is accepting session proposals for its 72nd Annual International Conference in Providence, Rhode Island. Membership is NOT required to submit a proposal; however, if accepted, non-members will be required to join SAH in order to serve as a session chair. Deadline January 16.

SAH December Booklist
Read the
December Booklist of recently published architecture books and related works. Booklists and exhibition catalog lists are selected by Barbara Opar, architecture librarian, Syracuse University Library.

Highlights have been compiled by your SHERA-SAH liaison Anna P. Sokolina.