12/11/17: The Avant-Garde for Contemporary Artistic Practice: Panel Discussion in NY

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Nonprofit arts organization CAUSA ARTIUM has a new Russian arts event coming (up at Columbia University).

A panel talk on the continuing relevance of the avant-garde art revolution for contemporary artistic practice
WHEN: 11 December 2017, from 6pm to 8pm.
WHERE:     Columbia University (Union Theological Seminary - entrance on Broadway at 121st Street
                    In James Memorial Chapel)
Malevich, El Lissitzky, Tatlin, Kandinsky, Goncharova, Kulbin... the list goes on. The avant-garde art of the Revolutionary period  (that is, the first third of the twentieth century) changed the world and laid the foundation for our past century of "new art."
Over that century of course, the paradigm of a "work of contemporary art" has changed repeatedly, sometimes (arguably) radically. After all that has happened over that span, questions of legacy arise. None of it would have been possible without that avantgarde, and yet since then we have seen the paradigm change repeatedly - how different are typical artworks of 1940s abstract impressionist period, 1950s-60s pop-art or subsequent performance/actionism?
Given that, we ask: what do the structuring principles formal discoveries of the modernist artists mean for the way art is made today? What do contemporary artists take from it in their practice? To what extent has it shifted into the realm of the classic - or is there something in it that even today remains problematic, challenging, and contentious, even revolutionary? Our panel will explore these and other questions touching upon the continued relevance of this crucial moment in our common cultural heritage.
Boryana Rossa, radical interdisciplinary artist and curator (electronic arts, film, video, performance and photography), Assistant Professor of Transmedia at Syracuse University.
Natalia Kolodzei, Executive Director of the Kolodzei Art Foundation, the largest private collection of postwar Russian/Soviet "Unofficial" (or "Nonconformist") art.
Sergei Hollerbach, artist, author, Academician of the National Academy of Design.
The discussion will be moderated by John William Narins, writer, artist, scholar, co-founder of NY Arts Nonprofit Causa Artium.
REVERBERATIONS OF THE REVOLUTIONARY is a creation of NYC 501(c)3 arts nonprofit Causa Artium.
For more information, please contact us at JWN@CausaArtium.org or 212.203-0461.