Wisconsin Historical Society - 2020 Local History and Historic Preservation Conference will now be online October 21 through 23, 2020

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Local History - Historic Preservation Conference

2020 Annual Conference

The 2020 Local History and Historic Preservation Conference will now be online October 21 through 23!

The Wisconsin Historical Society's leadership team has decided, due to public health concerns, to hold the 2020 Local History and Historic Preservation Conference online. In order to avoid conflict with the National Trust for Historic Preservation's online conference and the Halloween weekend, we have also changed the conference dates to Wednesday, October 21, through Friday, October 23. As a state agency, we follow the state government guidelines of the Badger Bounce Back Plan and believe that an online conference is the best way for us to provide a meaningful experience while also protecting the health of our staff and conference guests.

While we are disappointed that we won't be able to meet this year at the Central Wisconsin Convention and Expo Center in Rothschild, we are excited to announce that we have already booked this convention center for our 2022 conference from October 13 through 15. We look forward to working with our regional partners in the central Wisconsin area to plan fun, educational experiences where we can visit and learn from these local organizations. 

We are currently working to re-develop our sessions and activities to take full advantage of this new format! We look forward to sharing our updated schedule and registration details with you soon. We hope that by taking this time we can coordinate the same high-quality sessions, plenary events, and discussion groups that have become synonymous with the Society's Local History and Historic Preservation Conference.

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AND check out: https://www.wisconsinhistory.org/Records/Article/CS15263

Resources for Local Historical Societies
  • The Society's Local History Outreach Program provides resources for local historical organizations, including an annual conference, a series of Local History webinars, occasional workshops, grants and information to help you start your own local or specialized history organization.