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H-Local has always been a VERY quite discussion but now I'd like to call on members to contribute. Some new subscribers have come on board, so we should encourage them to offer up news, events, queries of interested to the local history community--and everyone else jump in. New member biographies and interests would be great.

I every so often pull in some AASLH info--like the calendar: https://aaslh.org/calendar/ -- note the AASLH annual conference is very soon! And some of it will be streamed https://aaslh.org/2019annualmeeting/online-conference/

But AASLH isn't the only local history organization. I've pulled in British material too. Other organizations m ight have relevance--NCPH, OAH. And it is always worth sharing local programs--even as examples of what is going on in the field today.


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I'd love to see more entries here! My name is Brandi and I'm the History Programs Manager for the Boise City Department of Arts & History. I tried out a lunchtime summer lecture series this year and I'm pretty pleased with the turnout. We have one more event next Wednesday. What types of summer programs has everyone offered this year?