CFP: Kansas City’s Golden Age? 1918-1941

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CFP: Kansas City’s Golden Age? 1918-1941


Jason Roe

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  • The Kansas City Public Library and the History Department at the University of Missouri–Kansas City seek papers to be presented at a public conference in the spring of 2016. The conference will explore the rich history of Kansas City in the interwar period of 1918-1941, which has been characterized as an exciting period of growth, development, and cultural fluorescence — Kansas City’s “Golden Age”— even in the midst of rampant public corruption, economic depression, and strained relations among the races and sexes. Was this Kansas City’s “Golden Age?” An era that elevated, refined, or ruined Kansas City’s national profile? Was Kansas City in the ‘20s and ‘30s an embodiment of urban trends nationally? What distinguished Kansas City from other Midwestern or Western cities?
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