The Animals & Society Institute Issues Brill Human-Animal Studies Book Series Call for Proposals

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The Brill Human-Animal Studies book series, in conjunction with the Animals & Society Institute, seeks new proposals from across the various disciplines that comprise Human-Animal Studies. From the humanities to the social sciences to the natural sciences, the series seeks to publish groundbreaking work that advances our understanding of the human-animal relationship.

The mission of the Animals & Society Institute is to advance human knowledge to improve animal lives. Our vision is a compassionate world where animals flourish. The Brill Human-Animal Studies Series supports this mission and vision by publishing books that explore the relationship between human and nonhuman animals. It intentionally casts a wide net, producing titles from any setting, contemporary, historical, and prehistorical from the perspective of various disciplines within both the social sciences and humanities. The broad scope of the series is an acknowledgement of the contributions of a range of perspectives from across academia that often intersect in meaningful ways to build a scholarship of the nonhuman experience through a human lens. In the process, these books challenge the disciplinary cloisters that often hinder the transdisciplinary analysis that is vital to one the fastest growing fields in the academy. Whether examining the lived reality of nonhuman animals in environmental or legal settings or parsing human representations of those animals in popular culture, the Brill Human-Animal Studies Series presents a wide range of cutting-edge scholarship that always retains an eye to helping animals flourish and creating a more compassionate world.

Book proposals should include an abstract, an annotated table of contents, a list of competitive titles, a curriculum vitae, and one or two sample chapters of the work. For edited collections, please include contact information for all contributors. Please send questions and proposals  by email attachment to and

We look forward to reading your work!

Series Editors: Kenneth Shapiro, Thomas Aiello, Ivy Collier, Gala Argent

Editorial Board: Ralph Acampora—Hofstra University; Clifton Flynn—University of South Caroline; Hilda Kean—Ruskin College, Oxford, UK; Randy Malamud—Georgia State University; Gail Melson—Purdue University