Some Recent Publications of Note

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Some Recent Publications of Note

Here is an admittedly incomplete list of some recent or forthcoming publications that might be of interest to H-Animalistas:

David Brooks, Animal Dreams (Sydney University Press "Animal Publics" Series, 2021):

Emanuele Coccia, Metamorphoses, translated by Robin Mackay (Polity Press, 2021):

Sarah E. DeYoung and Ashely K. Farmer, eds., All Creatures Safe and Sound: The Social Landscape of Pets in Disasters (Temple, 2021):

Joela Jacobs, ed., Animal Narratology (MDPI Books, 2020):

Baptiste Morizot, On the Animal Trail, translated by Andrew Brown (Polity Press, 2021):

Alex C. Parrish, The Sensory Modes of Animal Rhetorics: A Hoot in the Light (Springer, 2021):

Mieke Roscher, André Krebber, and Brett Mizelle, eds., Handbook of Historical Animal Studies (DeGruyter, 2021):

Kari Weil, Precarious Partners: Horses and their Humans in Nineteenth-Century France (Chicago, 2020):

If you have additional announcements, please send them to me at the email below so I can distribute them periodically. If you could include the press, publication date, and a link to the publisher's website for the book that would save me a bit of trouble. Thanks.

Brett Mizelle, editor, H-Animal