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Since its inception at H-Net 13 years ago, H-Animal has been an essential communications center for Animal Studies.  Within a month of its launch, the editors were fielding queries about teaching and started what became a large a growing syllabus exchange in the field.  Along with the network’s “Ruminations” essays that provide a critical overview of the field’s different themes and perspectives, these resources support a growing body of scholarship and teaching in this exciting area of study.

The H-Net Home Office staff of undergraduates, grad students, and professionals support H-Animal’s editorial team with job openings, conferences and events, and new scholarship in the field.  At significant cost, the organization is rebuilding its infrastructure with new hardware and updated software.  Please help us meet these costs and keep H-Animal and H-Net free and accessible!

We cannot do it without you, our readers.

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Peter Knupfer, PhD

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