Antennae Issue #39: The Interview Issue #2

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'ANTENNAE' TURNS 10! This is it—ten years exactly to the day—the first issue of Antennae was published on the 21st of March 2007. This important anniversary is marked by the publication of the second installment of the interview issue featuring another impressive line- up of key artists and scholars who continue to make ground-breaking work posing important questions whilst mapping new multidisciplinary territories.

As I write this editorial, I am compiling an edited collection of ‘Antennae highlights’ to be published in print this autumn. Having the opportunity to go over every issue for the purpose of selecting the best interviews, the most thought-provoking essays, and the
indispensable artist’s portfolios has been an introspective process of sorts. At a glance, it appears clear that because of its publishing regularity and because of the wealth of authors and artists who have believed in this journal from day one, Antennae stands as a faithful record of the many debates, arguments, and cultural shifts that have characterized the cutting edge in recent human/non-human art and writing. So many voices, thoughts, connections, images, and ideas.

In this issue:

Susan McHugh – Garry Marvin / Rod Bennison – Siobhan O’Sullivan/ Matthew Brower – Max Streicher / Jennifer Parker-Starbuck – Doo-Sung Yoo / Claire (Molloy) Parkinson – Sean Cubitt / Annie Potts – Yvette Watt / Snæbjörnsdóttir and Mark Wilson – The Harrisons 

Dr. Giovanni Aloi
Editor in Chief of Antennae Project
Lecturer in Visual Culture:
School of the Art Institute of Chicago
Sotheby's Institute of Art
Tate Galleries