Seeking Co-Panelists for HSS 2018 Session on Animals, Environment, and Science

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I am seeking three co-panelists for a session on animals, the environment, and science at HSS 2018 in Seattle. My own dissertation work investigates the interactions between wild animal and domestic bodies in mid-20th-century America through the lens of veterinary medicine and zoonotic disease, though it necessarily tangles with the problems of "wild" and "domestic" as classifications. Potential participants will ideally have a paper that touches on all three themes (animals, environment, science), but time and place need not be homogenous, and there is some flexibility within the themes. This panel would seek to pose new ideas about how animals complicate our human categories, encouraging other scholars to think about the ways science not only used animals, but constructed a human world around those bodies. Papers that explore animal agency are especially welcome, and possible topics include (but certainly are not limited to): veterinary medicine, wildlife science, experimentation, animal activism, animal work, animal welfare, evolutionary science, agriculture, and wilderness.

Interested parties should contact me with a brief description of your work, and how you see your project contributing to the larger goal of the panel.

Thank you for your consideration,

Kathleen Sullivan Thomas
Ph.D. Student, Department of History
Mississippi State University