CFP: Equine History Collective Conference, 29 September-01 October 2023

Brett Mizelle Discussion

Call for Papers: Equine History Collective Conference

The Equine History Collective (EHC) invites proposals for its fifth annual conference, and our first ever hybrid conference, to take place September 29-October 1, 2023 in partnership with Roger Williams University.  The abstract submission deadline is June 15, 2023.  Please submit all materials and any questions to

This year's theme, "Close Encounters of the Equid Kind," invites papers that consider how humans have interacted with equids throughout history. Questions to consider might include, but are certainly not limited to:

  • How has the presence and/or absence of equids affected humans?
  • To what extent have equids complicated, disrupted, enriched, and otherwise impacted ways of life?
  • What key inter-relationships between equids and humans have deep historical significance?
  • How have humans interacted with equids in an increasingly industrialized and urbanized world?
  • What are ways in which humans have depicted their contact with equids in literature, art, music, and film?

These questions are a starting point for considering equid and human interactions around topics that include, amongst other things

  • Colonialism and marginalization
  • Domestication and selective breeding
  • Hippotherapy
  • Conservation
  • interspecies interdependence 
  • Indigenous studies
  • Battle and conflict
  • Relationships with wild and feral equids
  • Real and imaginary equids
  • Equids in myth and religion
  • Cultural identity

Proposals should fall into one of the following categories

Panel Session (3-4 speakers): a single proposal should include the panelists' names and one-page CVs, the chair name and contact info, a panel abstract (150 words or less), individual abstracts (250 words or less each), and the format of the papers (live in person, live virtual, or pre-recorded)

Individual paper (presentation of 15-20 minutes): the proposal should include the name and one-page CV of the presenter, an abstract (250 words or less), and the format of the paper (live in person, live virtual, or pre-recorded)

Alternative Presentations (performing art piece, museum exhibit, demonstration etc.): Proposal should include the name and one-page CV of the presenter, an abstract (250 words or less), the estimated duration of the presentation, and the format of the presentation (live in person, live virtual, or pre-recorded)

The conference will take place roughly between 9am and 5pm EDT We understand that contingencies may arise that could prevent a speaker from presenting in the originally intended format (live, virtually, or pre-recorded).  We ask that authors who present a pre-recorded paper be present for the Q&A


President, Equine History Collective