CFP: Panels on Animals and Socialism for Historical Materialism Conference, London, November 2023

Troy Vettese Discussion


my name is Troy Vettese and I'm an environmental historian based at the European University Institute in Florence. I'm looking to organize a panel or two on animals for the upcoming conference for Historical Materialism at London this November:

Papers could be on a variety of topics, including: 

  • the Frankfurt School's approach to animals
  • GMOs
  • toxic masculinity, class privilege, and meat consumption
  • animal rights and the left
  • utopian socialists and vegetarianism
  • socialist ecology
  • socialist rewilding
  • factory farming
  • vivisection
  • sabotaging hunts
  • Marx's conception of 'species being'
  • zoonoses
  • zoos
  • socialist literature, cinema, art and animals

If you're interested in submitting a paper, please contact me at The deadline for panels is June 12.