Out Now: Humanimalia 13.2 (Spring 2023), Special Issue on “Horses and Humans”

Kári Driscoll Discussion

Humanimalia 13.2 (Spring 2023), Special Issue: “Horses and Humans”

Guest edited by Kristen Guest and Monica Mattfeld

Table of Contents:

Guest Editors’ Introduction, pp. i–vi

Roundtable: “Shaping the Equine Body”, pp. 1–29

Angela Hofstetter, “The Pursuit of Virtù”, pp. 31–45

Christian Gundermann, “‘Iberians are different’: On Breed, Power, and Queer Subversion”, pp. 47–84

Margaret E. Derry, “Westernizing Arabian Horses: Examples of Purity Breeding in Relation to Authenticity and Improvement, 1880–2020”, pp. 85–119

Jeannette Vaught, “Adults Together: Mares, Women, and the Enduring Constraints on Mature Multispecies Relations”, pp. 121–60

Jocelyne Porcher and Sophie Barreau, “Voice: A Primordial Tool in the Training of Young Horses”, pp. 161–86

Book Reviews

Kristen Guest, Review of Mackenzie Cooley, The Perfection of Nature: Animals, Breeding, and Race in the Renaissance, pp. 189–194

Carolyn Willekes, Review of The Running Centaur: Horse-Racing in Global-Historical Perspective, ed. Sinclair W. Bell, Christian Jaser and Christian Mann, pp. 195–203

Peter Arnds, Review of Mensch und Tier in Reflexionen des Exils, ed. Ursula Seeber, Veronika Zwerger, Doerte Bischoff, and Carla Swiderski, pp. 205–8

David Herman, Review of Robert Wiesenberger et al., Lin May Saeed: Arrival of the Animals, pp. 209–16

Jamie Arathoon, Review of Fenella Eason, Human–Canine Collaboration in Care: Doing Diabetes, pp. 217–22

Alba Elliot, Review of Emelia Quinn, Reading Veganism: The Monstrous Vegan, 1818 to Present, pp. 223–29

Paloma Bhattacharjee, Review of Nayanika Mathur, Crooked Cats: Beastly Encounters in the Anthropocene, pp. 231–35

Dinesh J. Wadiwel, Review of Fahim Amir, Being and Swine: The End of Nature (As We Knew It), pp. 237–246

Serrin Rutledge-Prior, Review of Jane Mummery and Debbie Rodan, Imagining New Human–Animal Futures in Australia, pp. 247–52

Sreyashi Rey, Review of Dominic O’Key, Creaturely Forms in Contemporary Literature: Narrating the War against Animals, pp. 253–62