Some Recent Publications of Note

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I hope everyone is having a great summer so far! For your summer reading, here is an admittedly incomplete list of some recent or forthcoming publications that might be of interest to H-Animalistas:

Gala Argent & Jeannette Vaught, eds., The Relational Horse: How Frameworks of Communication, Care, Politics, and Power Reveal and Conceal Equine Selves (Brill, 2022):

Helen Cowie, Victims of Fashion: Animal Commodities in Victorian Britain (Cambridge, 2022):

Vinciane Despret, Living as a Bird (Polity, 2021):

Earl Hess, ed. Animal Histories of the Civil War Era (LSU Press, 2022):

Baptiste Morizot, Ways of Being Alive (Polity, 2022):

Nigel Rothfels, Elephant Trails: A History of Animals and Cultures (Johns Hopkins, 2022):

Tom Tyler, Game: Animals, Video Games and Humanity (Minnesota, 2022):

If you have additional announcements, please send them to me at the email below so I can distribute them periodically. If you could include the press, publication date, and a link to the publisher's website for the book that would save me a bit of trouble. Thanks.

Brett Mizelle, editor, H-Animal