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Erica Fudge Discussion

Dear Friends

There is still time to sign up for our FREE session this Friday (29 April) on 'Care and Wild Animals'. This will take place on zoom at 14.00 - 16.00 BST. The link to register can be found here: 

The talks are:

Monica Vasile (Maastricht) – 'Unlikely Technologies of Care: Dart Guns, Hand Puppets, and Locked Feeding Stations to the Rescue of Nearly Extinct Species'

Emilie Crossley (Hokkaido) – 'Feeding Foxes: Care, Commodification and Conflict in Japan’s Wildlife Tourism Industry'

And, in a change to original billing, Laura Gelfand (Utah State) will lead a discussion about care for the animal studies researcher in the face of often (to put it mildly) difficult material 'Driven to tears: interrogating care within the context of animal studies'

The final online session (postponed from March) will take place on Wednesday, 4 May, 14.00-16.00 BST. This is 'Care for and with Horses' and the talks are:

Alex Franklin (Coventry University) and Nora Schuurman (University of Turku) – Practicing a Response-able Ethic of Interspecies Care: Trying to Become With Well, in Support of Equine Rescue and Rehabilitation

Rebecca Smith (Liverpool University) – What is best for the Horse? Examining the Construction of Veterinary Care for an Older Horse

Charlotte Brigden (University Centre Myerscough) – Narratives of Equine Care: The use of I Poems to Hear the Voices of Equine Caregivers at the end of Life

Sese Ma (Kyoto University) – Caring as a Friend: Learnings from an Interspecies Community in Tamba, Japan

You can register for this session on the link above.

And FINALLY - the first in person BASN event since 2019 will be taking place at the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow on Friday 6 and Saturday 7 May. There is still time to register - and if you want to attend the Friday buffet, you need to register for that by 28 April. Full details of the programme, and a link to the online registration page can be found here:

It would be absolutely lovely to see as many people there as possible. I have missed you all!

Erica Fudge