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Aims & Scope
The Journal of African Cinemas explores the interactions of visual and verbal narratives in African film. It recognizes the shifting paradigms that have defined and continue to define African cinemas. Identity and perception are interrogated in relation to their positions within diverse African film languages. The editors are seeking papers that expound on the identity or identities of Africa and its peoples represented in film.

The aim is to create a forum for debate that will promote inter-disciplinarity between cinema and other visual and rhetorical forms of representation.

The editors are looking for articles, reviews, and comparative analyses regarding African cinema through its historical and contemporary legacies. The journal wishes to concentrate on the growing African cinematic society, as it interrogates African societies with regard to African filmmakers' conceptualization of space, time and identity. What is/are Africa/s and what is/are African cinema/s, might offer pertinent starting points. 

Some proposed topics are:

  • The film of the everyday and the "every-African": populist films and their language.
  • Shifting sites of authoritative discourses from knowledge to meaning.
  • African cinema as a cinema of cultural citizenship vis a vis the anthropological, national or global idea of culture.
  • The propagation of the verbal culture-based film.
  • Professional, pedagogical and theoretical uses of African verbal cultures in the media (TV).
  • Cross-platform reflections on visual cultures within competing disciplines of identity study.
  • Representations of cities, spaces and places
  • Political economies of industries, film industry value chain analysis, and media city networks
  • Film education 
  • Film and book reviews, short commentaries and evaluative festival reports
  • In-depth director Interviews Cineaste-style


All submissions should not be more to 8,000 words and should include a 200 word abstract and five keywords. The 8,000 words includes references, graphics and photos equivalent to 250 words each. The document(s) should be sent as Microsoft Word and/ or JPEG attachment(s) respectively.

Call to action: Please submit research papers and reviews to David Nothling,
Deadline: 31 August 2018