Journeys (Vol. 21, Issue 1)

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Volume 21, Issue 1

Knowledge and Ignorance in Pilgrimage

Guest Editors: Evgenia Mesaritou, Simon Coleman, and John Eade


Knowledge, Ignorance, and Pilgrimage

Evgenia Mesaritou, Simon Coleman and John Eade



‘What is going on here?’ Gazing, Knowledge and the Body at a Pilgrimage Shrine

John Eade


“I Was Not Willing to Risk my Hajj”: Information Coping Strategies of Hajj Pilgrims

Nadia Caidi


Materiality as an Agency of Knowledge: Competing Forms of Knowledge in Rachel’s Tomb in Tiberias

Nimrod Luz


“Welcome to Divinity College”: Subjectification in Pilgrimage to the Iran-Iraq War Battlefields in Contemporary Iran

Mahshid Zandi


Non “Religious” Knowing in Pilgrimages to Sacred Sites: Greek Cypriots’ “return” Pilgrimages to the Monastery of Apostolos Andreas (Cyprus)

Evgenia Mesaritou


Knowledge at a Distance, Authority, and the Pilgrim’s Gaze—A Reflection

Jackie Feldman


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