International Colloquium: Studies in Indo-Persian Cultural Exchanges and the Pozzi collection

Negar Habibi Discussion
June 29, 2023
Subject Fields: 
Art, Art History & Visual Studies

Since the beginning of the 20th century, Switzerland, particularly Geneva, has been home to artistic treasures that witness rich cultural exchanges between peoples and regions. Among these treasures is the exceptional Pozzi Collection of Persian paintings housed at the Musée d'Art et d'Histoire in Geneva.The Pozzi Collection in Geneva represents one of the most significant collections of Persian paintings assembled by European private collectors during the 20th century. It was bequeathed by Jean Pozzi (1884-1967) to the museum. 

Transmission of knowledge and exchange of expertise are notably discernible in the Indo-Persian world, where languages, religions and cultural materials have been shared over several centuries. Art amateurs from Europe, fascinated by Indo-Persian and more generally by Islamicate arts and material cultures, assembled rich collections from the end of the 19th century. To what extent have these exchanges and fascination been reciprocal, and in which domains are they more perceptible today? Moreover, while gender studies have received ample attention in several subfields of global studies in art and literature, they have been overlooked in Indo-Persian studies.

This international colloquium aims to show the importance of these exchanges and to offer a critical dialogue to contribute to the understanding, knowledge, preservation and respect of material and immaterial heritage. Internationally renowned scholars, curators, conservators and artists are invited to share their scientific and creative research and expertise with the public.This hybrid event is accessible in person, within the limits of available places, and online.


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