Call for student applications: Aesthetic approaches between the early Christian, Byzantine and early Islamic world (DAAD)

Hagit Nol Discussion
Call for Papers
June 15, 2023
Subject Fields: 
Art, Art History & Visual Studies, Cultural History / Studies, Islamic History / Studies, Medieval and Byzantine History / Studies, Middle East History / Studies

This project focuses on aesthetic interaction and aims to connect different disciplines and bring students from Turkey and Germany together through scientific and cultural dialogues.
Who can apply?
The project is open to advanced BA and MA students, PhD candidates as well as Early Career Researchers of disciplines such as Art History, Byzantine Studies, Archaeology, Islamic Studies, Sociology, etc. The common language will be English; knowledge of Turkish would be advantageous.

The project includes three “schools” comprising reading classes and excursions to Germany and Turkey over 2023 and 2024. Participants receive reading assignments within small groups, are supervised by the organizers, and are supposed to prepare presentations on the subjects. While the preparations will be held digitally, the whole group will meet in person during the excursions. A joint virtual exhibition is planned towards the end of the project. You will need to attend one initial information session, then you will be able to prepare the readings with your fellows within the group. Your contribution can span about 2 hours per week.

Contact Info: 

Dr. Fateme Rahmati, Goethe-University Frankfurt