Prague, Europe and Global Cultures – Then, Now & Always

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Call for Papers
June 28, 2023
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Area Studies, European History / Studies, Asian History / Studies, Australian and New Zealand History / Studies, American History / Studies

Prague, Europe and Global Cultures – Then, Now & Always


The Czech Technical University welcomes papers for its summer conference initiative: Then, Now and Always - an event coordinated as part of the a broader conference held at the university.

Although set in Prague, we seek presentations internationally that respond to either the themes of our specific event or the strands of the umbrella conference from a variety of regianl perspectives:


Dates: June 28-30, 2023

Place: Czech Technical University in Prague

Abstracts: April 15, 2023


Themes include:

How societies, communities and local interest groups see and use museums and places of cultural heritage.  

Regional memory, interaction and communication through heritage: museums, places, art, festivals and more.

Local processes of preserving, telling, and sharing regional history and cultural stories.

Communities of practice and their role in creating long-term placed based heritage revitalization processes. 

The preservation of cultural identity via lived places, material heritage, architecture and cultural sites. 

The role of archeological sites, architectural projects and preserved artifacts in shaping current and future community and cultural stories.

Restoring, preserving and developing museums as centers of social change through a dialogue with the community.


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May Thorpe, Jitka Cirklová, Václav Liška, Raj Kumar

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