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Humanities, Social Sciences

Call for Application:

TIAS Society of Fellows (a special Shuimu Tsinghua Scholar Program)

Tsinghua Institute for Advanced Study in Humanities and Social Sciences (TIAS) hosts the TIAS Society of Fellows, a postdoctoral program at Tsinghua University, China. Incorporated with the high-profile “Shuimu Tsinghua Scholar Program,” this program aims to attract exceptional and creative early-career scholars in Humanities, and Social Sciences. Fellows are appointed for two-year terms to conduct full-time research at TIAS.

The TIAS post-doctoral fellows are joined by TIAS faculty members who take part in the Society as faculty fellows.  Seminars, reading groups, workshops, and lectures will be organized regularly for formal and informal discussions. TIAS supports interdisciplinary research in humanities and social sciences. Fellows in the Society engage in innovative and productive research and contribute to intellectual exchange within the university community and beyond.

TIAS recruits its post-doctoral Fellows globally and especially encourages applications from developing countries or underrepresented groups. Every year, about ten fellows are welcomed. Those recruited in winter 2022 are expected to join TIAS in the fall semester, 2023. All selections are based on both external and internal reviews.

Eligibility and Requirements:

To apply for TIAS postdoctoral fellowships in Fall 2023, applicants must have received their PhD degree after 09/01/2020 and before 09/01/2023.

Postdoctoral fellows are required to remain in residence at Tsinghua University. They are expected to attend TIAS activities. Postdoctoral fellows may apply for an extension of the fellowship beyond two years if solid research progress can be demonstrated. If they wish, fellows may also participate in teaching activities.


TIAS fellows are provided with a package of benefits that include (but not limited to):

  • An annual salary of 300,000 RMB (before tax) during the fellowship period.  
  • On-campus housing or housing subsidies of 42,000 RMB per year.
  • Funds and allowances for attending international conferences upon application.
  • The same medical plan privileges as Tsinghua faculty.
  • Fellow’s children are offered positions at Tsinghua University’s kindergarten and primary school.
  • Opportunities to attend career management workshops offered to Tsinghua faculty.


In either English or Chinese, the applicants should submit an application package (download here) which requests: 1) a cover letter; 2) an application form (which includes a curriculum vita and a statement of current and future research plans); 3) a writing sample; and 4) names and email addresses of three references. Please email all materials in PDF or Word to tiastalent@tsinghua.edu.cn.

Deadline: Completed applications must be submitted by 01/31/2023

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Contact Info: 

Inquiries may be sent by email to tiastalent@tsinghua.edu.cn