Journal of Women's History Winter 2022 Issue

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December 8, 2022 to March 8, 2023
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American History / Studies, Black History / Studies, Environmental History / Studies, European History / Studies, Women's & Gender History / Studies

The editors of the Journal of Women's History are pleased to announce the publication of Volume 34, Number 4 (Winter 2022) of the Journal of Women's History, entitled "Mothers, Motherly Love, Bodily Autonomy, and Archival Silence."

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Journal of Women's History, vol. 34, no. 4 (Winter 2022)

Table of Contents

Editorial Note

Sandie Holguín and Jennifer J. Davis, Mothers, Motherly Love, Bodily Autonomy, and Archival Silences


Jacqueline Allain, Maria Griffin, et al.: Slavery’s Intimate World

Rachael Barrett, Fashioning Motherhood: French Magazine Subscribers Debate Class, Race, and Social Status, 1919-1939

Karen Cook Bell, Fugitivity and Enslaved Women’s Activism in the Age of Revolution

Brett A. Berliner, “More Than the Gift”: The Fatherless Children of France, Franco-American Epistolary Relationships, and the Birth of Person-to-Person Mass Philanthropy during and after the Great War

Bethany Snyder and Mara Oliva, A Maternal Brand of Environmentalism: Carol Browner’s Gendered Leadership of the Environmental Protection Agency

Courtney E. Thompson, Child-Mothers and Invisible Fathers: The Paradox of “Precocious Maternity” and the Pervasiveness of Child Sexual Abuse in Nineteenth-Century America

Historical Practices

An Interview with Christina L. Beatty: The Legacy of Clara Luper

Book Reviews

Gender, Race, and the Imperial French Republic : Amelia H. Lyons

  • Nimisha Barton, Reproductive Citizens: Gender, Immigration, and the State in Modern France, 1880–1945.
  • Françoise Vergès, The Wombs of Women: Race, Capital, Feminism. Translated by Kaiama L. Glover.
  • Sarah J. Zimmerman, Militarizing Marriage: West African Soldiers’ Conjugal Traditions in Modern French Empire.

Nursing History as Women’s History: Women, Public Health, and Modernity : Charissa Threat

  • Patricia D’Antonio, Nursing with a Message: Public Health Demonstration Projects in New York City.
  • Sarah Glassford, Mobilizing Mercy: A History of the Canadian Red Cross.
  • Sonja M. Kim, Imperatives of Care: Women and Medicine in Colonial Korea.
  • Sujani Reddy, Nursing and Empire: Gendered Labor and Migration from India to the United States.

The Meanings of Marriage in the Nineteenth- and Twentieth-Century United States : Jessica Weiss

  • Catherine J. Denial, Making Marriage: Husbands, Wives and the American State in Dakota and Ojibwe Country.
  • Karen M. Dunak, As Long as We Both Shall Love: The White Wedding in Post-War America.
  • Clare Virginia Eby, Until Choice do Us Part: Marriage Reform in the Progressive Era.
  • Sarah M. S. Pearsall, Polygamy: An Early American History.
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