Online Symposium - Translocation of South Asian Art: Provenance and Documentation - October 6-7, 2022

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October 6, 2022 to October 7, 2022
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Art, Art History & Visual Studies, Asian History / Studies, South Asian History / Studies, Research and Methodology, Asian American History / Studies

Join the Smithsonian's National Museum of Asian Art, Museum für Asiatische Kunst / Staatliche Museenzu Berlin, and The British Library on October 6-7 from 9 am-12 pm EDT daily for Translocation of South Asian Art: Provenance and Documentation. This program is the fifth installment in the series Hidden Networks: Trade in Asian Art.

From the seventeenth century onward, Western visitors to the South Asian subcontinent were actively acquiring as well as commissioning works of art for private and public collections. A complex network of individuals and institutions encouraged collecting and facilitated the strategic movement of art out of South Asia. In our contemporary moment, histories of South Asian objects in museum collections are under increasing scrutiny, and questions about the art market and museum ethics are at the forefront of people’s minds. While this webinar engages with those important issues, it primarily focuses on documenting the provenance and circulation of South Asian art before 1970 as a way to better understand and reckon with the collections that exist today. Divided into two half-day sessions, this webinar will present scholarly talks and discussions that provide an overview of the field of South Asian provenance research and highlight important resources.

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Organized by:

Najiba H. Choudhury, National Museum of Asian Art 

Joanna M. Gohmann, National Museum of Asian Art 

Christine Howald, Zentralarchiv/Museum für Asiatische Kunst, Staatliche Museenzu Berlin 

Malini Roy, The British Library

Speakers include: 

Matt Cox, Art Gallery of New South Wales, Sydney 

Amélie Couvrat Desvergnes, Independent paper and book conservator 

Melanie Eastburn, Art Gallery of New South Wales, Sydney 

Nicole Ioffredi, The British Library 

Katherine Kasdorf, Detroit Institute of Arts 

Paramdip Khera, The British Library 

Natasha N. Kimmet, University of Vienna 

Salila Kulshreshtha, New York University, Abu Dhabi 

Nandita Punj, Department of the History of Art, Rutgers University 

Melody Rod-ari, Loyola Marymount University 

Jayanta Sengupta, Victoria Memorial Hall, Kolkata 

Theresa Sepp, Zentralinstitut für Kunstgeschichte 

Cam Sharp Jones, The British Library 

Emma Stein, National Museum of Asian Art

Contact Info: 

Lizzie Stein, Scholarly Programs and Publications

National Museum of Asian Art, Smithsonian Institution