Reading Group/Workshop: European/Eurasian Autobiographies Outside of the Canon [Vienna]

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Call for Papers
October 1, 2022 to March 1, 2023
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Eastern Europe History / Studies, European History / Studies, Literature, Middle East History / Studies, Russian or Soviet History / Studies

I am interested in organizing an informal reading group / workshop for scholars working on life writing -- autobiographies, memoirs, diaries, etc. -- from European and Eurasian (broadly defined as Europe, Central Asia, the Caucasus, the Middle East, and North Africa) in the nineteenth and twentieth century. Between September 2022 and February 2023 (inclusive), I am going to stay as a visiting fellow of the Institute of Human Sciences in Vienna and invite fellow scholars to join me in broadening our familiarity with such texts.

The format of this reading group will be flexible, but I am particularly interested in developing an opportunity for publication with its participants. Teachers and researchers like working with autobiographies: they are amenable to teaching and citation. As a historian of Eurasia set to broaden the scope of European history, I am keen on providing more materials for reading, teaching, and citation that are locked behind language barriers.

If you are in the environs of Vienna for the Fall semester and would like to join, I'd be happy to hear from you by email (orel .  beilinson at Yale . edu). Depending on the emerging group, we might be able to publish a reader of translated and annotated primary sources. Please indicate in your email if you have a specific text in mind that you would like to present in translation or any relevant language skills. Please do not hesitate to write if you wish to participate as a reader of others' translations. To allow for a meeting every couple of weeks and for subsequent publication, proposed texts should be relatively short -- but please express your interest even without a text in mind!

Orel Beilinson
Department of History
Yale University

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