Ann: Studienforum Berlin 2016 Summer Seminar

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Over the next two years, 2016 and 2017, German institutions will dedicate focused attention on the 500th commemoration of Martin Luther’s legacy and the centuries-long cultural impacts of the Protestant Reformation.  The major centers of historical significance – such as Wittenberg, Erfurt, Torgau, the Wartburg Castle – have already completed site renovations and special exhibits fully one year in advance of the overwhelming number of visitors anticipated, beginning in summer 2016.

To this end, Studienforum Berlin has dedicated its academic seminars (in English) for both summers to this topic to take advantage of the unprecedented and, to be sure, non-recurring assemblage of museum exhibits, together with the special renovations in cities and villages that were the center of this religious, political, economic and ultimately cultural upheaval during the years 1517-1525.

The itinerary of each 11-day Seminar includes:

-       Berlin (academic lecture and discussion, museum visits)
-       Wittenberg (Augusteum, Castle Church, Stadtkirche, etc.)
-       Torgau (Schloss Hartenfels and exhibit, Luther and the Princes, Luther’s first reformed church)
-       Eisenach (Wartburg Castle - Luther refugium, J.S. Bachhaus)
-       Erfurt (Roman Catholic St. Severikirche, Evangelical Augustinian-Cloister)
-       (Bad) Frankenhausen (site of the Peasants War in May 1525)

The Berlin Seminar lectures and site visits will be complemented with a combination of lectures and presentations given by faculty from the Berlin Humboldt University, guests from U.S. universities, major representatives of the German Protestant (Evangelische) Church, the Luther Association, the Wittenberg Kolleg and the Eisenach Bachhaus.  The focus of the Seminars begins with the history and initial issues characterizing the German Protestant Reformation and moves forward to its legacy, such as resistance of the Church to Nazi Germany and Communist rule during the Cold War.

Seminar participants will be supported by timely e-newsletters to permit adequate professional and logistical preparation for the lectures and site visits.  Where possible, mailings will help advance current or future academic research by Seminar participants on topics relating to the 500th commemoration of the Reformation.

Seminar dates for summer 2016:  

June 26 to July 6, 2016 (application deadline: 31 March 2016)

More information on the program design and costs is available at:

We welcome your participation in the 2016 Summer Seminar, and we would request that you share this information with other interested colleagues.  

Best Wishes from Berlin, Dr. Hanns-Dieter Jacobsen

Studienforum Berlin, now in its 18th year, is an academic non-profit organization that provides study abroad and internship opportunities for a number of U.S. universities and individual students as well as services for faculty conducting research in Berlin, Germany.

Dr. Hanns-D. Jacobsen
Prof. of Political Science and Chairman
Studienforum Berlin e.V.