Reboot a Network

This page lists H-Net networks that presently lack at least one Network Editor and outlines a process whereby an individual can propose to assume editorial direction of a network. H-Net maintains a support system for editors, which will be available to you if H-Net approves your proposed reboot. Running an H-Net network can open excellent opportunities to connect to other scholars and teachers, pursue engaging projects, and shape your field of study.

At minimum, to properly function an H-Net network needs at least one Network Editor who can help moderate announcements, queries, and other proposed posts to the network. Proposing to reboot a network therefore requires that the proposer commit to managing these routine moderation duties, either through their own efforts or by assembling a team of co-editors who are explicitly committed to doing so. In most cases these duties are light and largely predictable in nature, but they are also essential to the welfare of any H-Net network. It is not uncommon for routine moderation duties to require no more than an hour of work per week. You may propose to start with a skeletal editorial team that will begin with handling routine moderation duties and build from there.

H-Net networks also have the ability to host and produce diverse forms of academic content, and proposers should convey a plan to develop the network’s range of activities and underlying value to its field. The best way to understand the full potential of our networks is to be acquainted with some of our most active ones and their past and current projects. If you need advice on this subject, please feel welcomed to email H-Net’s Networks Liaison ( for a list of examples. A compelling reboot proposal does not need to promise to tackle every imaginable project, but should demonstrate thought about how the network can begin to enrich its field of study. We recommend thinking about how to steadily build momentum for a network by developing manageable and meaningful projects and by gradually building an editorial team of fellow specialists who are invested in the welfare of the network. Our Associate Director of Networks ( and Vice President of Networks ( are happy to discuss reboot ideas with you.

A good benchmark to aim for is to have a self-sustaining editorial team capable of coordinating its own efforts and pursuing its own projects and recruitment within two years. We recommend that you aim to work towards a team composed of at least three Network Editors, all of whom will share routine moderation duties, at least one Reviews Editor, and at least two Advisory Board Member. Since editorial teams are composed of volunteers, please make sure to think about how proposed projects and goals will be work with competing academic commitments.

To propose to reboot a network, please send an email of between 300 and 500 words outlining your plan of action to H-Net’s Networks Liaison ( Include a C.V. for yourself and any fellow proposers. Anticipate a response back in the following weeks, including potentially comments and questions. Please feel welcomed to reach out to H-Net’s Associate Director of Networks ( and Vice President of Networks ( at any point in the process, before of after submission, to ask for advice.

List of Networks that lack Network Editors

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