Reboot a Network

The following networks are looking to recruit new editorial teams that can take the helm and develop their potential as scholarly forums. Each of these networks has the potential to make a deep imprint on its field of study by circulating information, serving as a forum for discussion, and producing diverse forms of academic content such as reviews, podcasts, blog series, and more. In our experience, H-Net networks are relatively easy to reboot. They come loaded with existing subscriber roles, have a built-in publishing platform, and can tap into H-Net’s overarching intellectual and technical architecture. A small, tightly knit team or even a solitary devoted academic can easily get an idling network flying again. One key to success include ensuring that incoming posts, visible in the network’s moderation queue, get vetted on a weekly basis and, when appropriated, published to the network. This is light and routine work that helps ensure that a network’s subscribers are tuning in. Another key is to gradually build a team of co-editors who can tackle discrete projects and otherwise enrich the network’s academic content.

A good benchmark to aim for is to have a self-sustaining editorial team capable of coordinating its own efforts and pursuing its own projects and recruitment within two years. We recommend that you aim to work towards a team composed of at least three Network Editors, all of whom will share routine moderation duties, at least one Reviews Editor, and at least two Advisory Board Member. Since editorial teams are composed of volunteers, please make sure to think about how proposed projects and goals will be work with competing academic commitments.

If you have any questions, please feel welcomed to email H-Net’s Vice President of Networks ( and Associate Director of Networks ( Further information about how to apply to restaff a network is available in the messages below.


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