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This page provides additional information about how to become an editor or advisory board member at an H-Net network and catalogs the recruitment programs and calls of H-Net’s nearly 200 topically-defined networks.

The editorial teams of these networks are the authorities over the application process, so please make sure to read their recruitment messages carefully. When a network’s current editorial team decides to bring on a new member, that member must go through a nomination, application, and certification process governed by H-Net’s Bylaws and Executive Council Policies. A network’s current editors and board members must nominate the individual and the candidate must fill out an application (see the blue buttons immediately below). All nominations are subject to review by H-Net’s Executive Council. If Council approves a nomination, the individual must then complete a brief, free online training program. Once trained, the new editor will join the network’s editorial team. H-Net recommends a two-year term for appointments and requires a six-week probationary period. Many editors and board members elect to serve for longer periods.



Overview of the Application Process

Contact the Associate Director of Networks or the Associate Director of Reviews at any point during the process with your questions


If you do not have a specific network that you are interested in, or do not have success reaching out to one, you should also feel invited to complete this webform to introduce yourself to our broader editorial community. It will ask you to provide contact information and then describe your general areas of interest, academic background, and mention any project ideas you had.


Recruitment Calls with Deadlines

The following networks maintain webpages outlining their recruitment interests and policies. Networks may add recruitment pages to this table by applying the category “H-Net Network Recruitment Call” to the page.

H-Slavery is Recruiting

Dear H-Slavery Subscribers, 

Especially in light of the recent protests over racist attacks against African Americans, H-Slavery would like to expand its all-volunteer editorial team to deepen its coverage of issues of racial inequality and social justice in the post-emancipation United States and/or in transatlantic context. We'd welcome scholars focused on massive resistance, reparations, the Jim Crow era, segregation and desegregation, the civil rights movement, and related topics. Below, we identify some possible editorial positions and outline a brief application process. 

Call for H-War Network Editor

H-War seeks a new network editor to join the current editorial group.  H-War is a collaborative and growing network focused on the scholarly pursuit of military history.  It has a thriving book review program and frequent and active discussions of a diverse range of military history topics.  Network editors moderate the discussions, assist subscribers, and help build content on the network, working in concert with each other and with the H-War Advisory Board.

Re: Call for New H-Slavery Editors!

Dear Subscribers,

Just a quick reminder that H-Slavery is recruiting additional editors.

We are currently interested in recruiting additional Review Editors as well as scholars to oversee collaborative projects with conferences or provide topical updates on emerging trends and issues in the literature, public discussions, and academic professions.

The deadline to apply to serve in one of these capacities is Sunday, March 15th. 


Networks Practicing Continuous Recruitment

This table lists all recent recruitment calls, which typically include an application process and deadline. The table culls information from across H-Net using the category “H-Net Network Recruitment Page”